Heat recovery systems for cooling units:



The energy consumption of water heaters represents an increasing proportion of the operating costs. Cooling units produce large amounts of heat; this heat is lost, rejected in the ambiant air by the fans and often causes nuisances.


Boostherm recovers 100% of the heat:




Traditional heat recovery systems only recover desuperheating phase from hot gases, which represents less than 20% of the recoverable energy. In that case, the heat exchange temperature is not mastered: it is high in summer and low in winter.

Boostherm heat recovery system recovers all the condensation heat generated by the cooling unit. This enables to heat up water very quickly at a minimum temperature of 55°C even in difficult conditions.




- Free hot water production: Energy bill reduction.

- Reduces cooling units nuisances (fan noise, heat rejected).

- Recycles and valorizes wasted thermal energy: Free hot water production in large quantities at high temperature.

- Energy savings: Environmental impact reduction.


  • For many applications:


The system is intended to all small, medium-sized and larger companies who have on one hand a need for cooling (ex: cold rooms, refrigerated display case, air conditioning) and on  the other hand a need for heating (hot water production, premises heating).


• Hotels 
• Restaurants 
• Large kitchens 
• Supermarkets 
• Slaughterhouses
• Bakeries 
• Catering industry 
• Butchery 
• Fish store 
• Food processing


  • From 500 to more than 30 000 € of yearly savings depending on your hot water consumption:

Get a techno-economic study of your project with the online simulator.

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